Rock Climbing route called "Dreamin'" at Smith Rock, Oregon.
The Western wall in the old city of Jerusalem, with visitors and prayers.


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This is THE time to spend time outside.



A new article on our website! - "How to climb Big-walls" the new and most comprehensive guide in Hebrew about the best way to climb The Nose on El Capitan.


A new podcast episode about Alaska. Why guiding there, what's so fascinating about it & the best ways to travel there. Recorded with "HaMa'ayan" (The Spring) podcast - "Talking Alaska"  (In Hebrew). Enjoy!


A new podcast episode about Climbing. Controlling our fears while climbing. Mind - Body - Soul - Nature connection, adventure & alpine climbing, why we do it anyway and why solo climbing isn't a "thing". - "Adventure climbing"  by "Local Climber" (In Hebrew).

Private tours & Tourism services - Visitors (that are not Israeli citizens) are still not allowed into Israel. That said, tours & travel in Israel is all open and operating. We are here for any questions and future service!


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Groundup Tours since 2014. 

My name is Ido, I was born in Israel and raised in the countryside, spending my youth along with the orchards and between the hills, spending my time outdoors and not sitting so patiently in a classroom. When I was in my early 20's I gained a priceless acquaintance with the area while serving as a captain in the military Special Forces.


I started climbing in 2012 and guiding in Israel & Alaska on 2014, ever since I've been dividing my time between guiding private groups in different parts of the world and climbing the most adventures vertical routes I'm possible,

Always searching for the next adventure whether guiding or climbing.



— David & Germain Jones, UK. Nov 20, 2019,

"We are so grateful that you were our guide and friend during our trip, a trip that we enjoyed so much.

We have experienced many holidays over the years but can honestly say that we have never found a better,kinder and more informed guide than you , you gave your time and knowledge without restriction, and we have been greatly enriched by the experience"

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