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In its full name, The Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan, bordering with Israel from the East, across the Jordan Valley and the Arava Valley (Wadi Araba in Arabic). Jordan is a vast place, reach in history, cultures, historical sites, national parks, food, and amazing people.

If you have time left after your visit to Israel and looking for a guided, custom-made tour to Jordan, here are few places recommended by us -

  • Petra - Coming from the Latin word "Rock, a historical city, sitting in the depths of the western canyon of Jordan and looks like it was taken from Indiana Jones movies. Petra was the treasure city and the Necropolis of the Nabatean Nomads, a culture that bloomed in the Middle East & Arab Peninsula during Roman times and faded away during the 6th century.

  • Wadi Rum - Because of its beauty and mars-like landscape, many of Holywood films (Transformers, The Martian, Mad Max: Fury Road, Lawrance of Arabia, and more...) were filmed in Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is a unique National Park in Jordan with huge Sandstone cliffs rising up from the valley's sand dune more than 500 meters to the, where wild Ibexs are still roaming free at the mountain tops and where few local Bedouin tribes preserving the same costumes, traditions, and way of living for generations in the harsh desert environment.

  • Aqaba Diving resorts- If Scuba diving is on your list, the Red Sea is an excellent spot. Aqaba (together with Eilat, Israel, and Sinai, Egypt) sitting on the north tip of the Red Sea where the northernmost coral reefs in the world can be found. 

  • Kerak - One of the biggest, best-preserved Crusaders fortresses in the Middle East. Kerak Fortress controlling the ancient "King's Way" (now known as King's Hwy in Jordan) that lead from Egypt to Damascus through the Western Mountains of Jordan. Next to the Fortress and the small of Kerak city was developed during the years, with great food and vibrant Jordanian style music. 

  • Jerash - North to Amman (the Capital of the kingdom and a place worth visiting as well) sits the remains of "Pompeii of the Middle East" one of the central cities of the region during the Greek-Roman times. Founded by Alexander the Great, expanded by the Romans, and flourished under the Umayyad Caliphate, Jerash is a place hard to miss because of its beauty, buildings, architecture, and Roman decoration. 

  • Moab & Edom Canyons - If you are looking for a desert exploration, with oasis, palm trees hanging from the cliffs, running water in deep canyons, traditional Bedouins meals, camels and want to feel like Lawrance of Arabia for a day the Canyons of Moab Mountains & Edom Mountains are the best place to go and discover these Canyons.


The tours are modified and custom-made according to your needs, interest, walking abilities and schedule.​

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