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Geopolitical Tour of Jerusalem & Samaria

Updated: Jan 29

The famous "Trump Graffiti" in Beth Lehem on the division wall.

In the media, Israel (and the West Bank) are considered as a dangerous place, a place of war and bloodshed, conflict, constant tension and riots everywhere.

Is it really the case? Do we, the Israelis and the Palestinian, live in constant war, constant fight? Probably not.

But, one of the most basic things in Israel (and the Palestinian Territory) one can understand after a few days is - there is no black or white, right or wrong, each have its own opinion and thought on subjects such as politics, public policies & history.

Barney Sanders Graffiti on the division wall of Beth Lehem.

Join us on a private tour in Jerusalem and/or Samaria and see the social, economic and political issues caused by the Israeli – Palestinian conflict affecting day to day life, religious and cultural routines of the residents of the area.

Understand why Jerusalem is a core issue in both side's arguments but also a key factor in future solutions, despite all its complexities.

The tour will go through major observation points overlooking Israeli – Jewish & Arab –Muslim / Arab - Christian neighbourhoods of Jerusalem, neighbourhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the Security wall and the history of the conflict from the start to where we are today.

Central Ramallah, the biggest city in the west bank and under the PA.

If you have a full day, it's recommended to continue and see Samaria – it's Palestinian cities, the Jewish settlements, the disputes between the two, the mountain culture of the west bank, historical – archeological sites and amazing geographical ridge of mountains that not many visitors have a chance to see.

It's possible that a Palestinian guide will join us so it will be a full "Dual – Narrative" tour.

During the last decade I gained priceless understanding and knowledge about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict through different points of view and experiences – traveling as an individual, serving as an officer in the IDF, having Palestinian colleagues and friends, meeting with Palestinian academics and guiding different Geo-political groups across the West Bank and Jerusalem.

All Ground Up tours are customizable according to your needs, interests, walking abilities and schedule. Contact us for more information!


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