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Day Tour to Jerusalem (and more…)

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Just the name “Jerusalem” evokes strong feelings about one of the world’s most complicated and historical cities. Around every corner there are stories of empires, sultans, sheikhs, secret gardens, ancient fortresses, wars, walls, agreements, heartbreak, and beauty, almost too much beauty.

Jerusalem is sacred for the three monotheistic religions of the world: Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Each religion views the same city in a different way, and as we walk the ancient streets we will slowly uncover the overlapping layers of history to understand more about this complicated and beautiful place.

Our day begins with a birds’ eye view of Jerusalem’s walled Old City at the Mt. Olives Observation Promenade (pick up can be arranged from your hotel). This scenic overlook divides the hills of Jerusalem from the barren Judean Desert.

From here we will drive through a maze of Churches and Jewish Tombs. At the entrance to the Old City we will leave our car behind to fully experience the vibrant alleyways of this ancient city.

Our walking tour will take us through the four quarters of the Old City: Armenian, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Quarters. We will visit sites which hosted major events in world religion, tracing Jesus’ steps along the Via Dolorosa, Church of Flagellation, and Holy Sepulcher, as well as the Western Wall, Jewish Plaza, the rebuilt Hurva [Ruins] Synagogue, the Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque, the Roman Cardo, and Zion and Jaffa Gates.

Beyond the famous spots, you will hear about the real Jerusalem, the city of hidden alleyways and authentic coffee houses, of crowded market stalls and secret spots. Catch a glimpse of the real Jerusalem from people who live there, including storeowners who have operated for generations, and get to know the Jerusalem behind the history.

After a traditional local meal in the Old City, we will explore the home of modern-day Jerusalem, with a drive through Israel’s “Capital Hill,” otherwise known as “Givat Ram,” (The High Hill). This is the seat of Israel’s government, with the Knesset (Parliament), Supreme Court of Justice, and many ministry buildings.

If you have more time in Jerusalem, there are countless things to explore. Other tours include:

  • The Mahaneh Yehuda Shuk, Jerusalem’s colorful and loud vegetable market, where you can haggle with vendors over the country’s best spices, vegetables, fish, and meat, and see a kaleidoscope of traditional food brought from immigrants who came to Israel from around the world. In recent years, this market has become the city’s center of nightlife, with small and homey bars, pubs, and restaurant popping up between vegetable stalls, a chaotic blend of old and new.

  • The Israel Museum hosts the biggest, most comprehensive collection of the archeology of the Holy Land, along with changing exhibits.

  • Yad Vashem Israel’s national Holocaust museum is a destination for every formal government delegation that arrives in Israel. Every Israeli child visits at least once during their schooling.

  • Ein Kerem Neighborhood – a small picturesque neighborhood on the edge of Jerusalem, where narrow roads wind past old stone houses filled gardens and olive terraces. Ein Kerem is the best example of what traditional villages used to look like in this region before modernization. According to Christianity, this is where the story of John the Baptist began.

There is so much more to experience in and around Jerusalem. Looking for something special? Just call or drop us an email and we will create a custom tour for you in Jerusalem!

Fresh fruits & vegetables on Machne Yehuda Market, Jerusalem.
Fresh fruits & vegetables on Machne Yehuda Market, Jerusalem.


The tours are modified and custom made according to your needs, interest, walking abilities and schedule.

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