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Resting for lunch on the Columia Glacier Bay as part of our daily Kayak trip to the glacier.

Yeah, I know what you think right now - "What the hell Alaska have to do with this site ?! It's the middle east we are talking about."

You are almost right, the middle east is here and Alaska is there, "out there" on the other side of the planet, the Northwest corner of North American, hard to get there, rainy summers and dark winters.

But, my romance with Alaska started in 2011 when I wanted to go and explore the world, to see places with big mountains, much wildlife, out of the grid, and with almost no people at all. Can you think of any other place that matches this description better? (If you thought of Nunavut, Greenland, Siberia & Mongolia, you are right, and it's on my list as well).


After spending months on months in Alaska, accumulating for years, and knowing this place like my home. I started to lead tours for small Israeli groups in 2014. Since then every summer I'm guiding between 2 to 4 small groups a summer, showing them the local places, the marine wildlife, the land wildlife, the glaciers, the mountains, and nature in its full glory as it used to be for thousands of years.

The tours I'm leading are up to 12 people, boutique-style, I'm the guide & the driver, we are all together as a small family. Every day we will be in a different place, see different animals, experience different landscapes and eventually feel Alaska with all of our senses. 

  • Want to know more about the guided trips to Alaska for summer 2020? 

  • Want to have your own custom-made trip to Alaska ? with a company that specializes in Alaskan boutique tourism. It'll take care of all your needs and reservations (hotels, tours, car rental, etc...) for your upcoming trip 

  • Want to see Alaska via the local's eyes and not through the big cruise ship's window?


*The guiding language for the guided tours to Alaska is Hebrew.​

*The services for the custom-made, private tours to Alaska are in English or Hebrew.

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